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Terraria "fun"

Too bad i wasn't filming my attempt to make an Obsidian Skull in Terraria last night.

The part where i dug out a large dynamite-explosion sized pit and used the bucket trick to slowly fill it up with water and lava, forming a large block of obsidian one layer at a time would have been pretty boring except for people specifically interested in the technique. I did actually improve on the technique part quite a bit, early on i wasn't sure how much lava and water to pour for each layer or in what order to do it, so i ended up with a couple empty layers forming "cracks" in the mold.

It got a little more interesting when i then tried to dynamite the mold to get the obsidian out. Turns out that dynamite will roll when you throw it, and mine rolled right along one of the aforementioned cracks, which i hadn't thought to seal up. So instead of blowing out the whole mold it only took out the right side. Really annoying! But when i picked up all the pieces i found that i still had more than enough to craft the Obsidian Skull i wanted.

So i go back upstairs to my crafting area and tried to click on my crafting table to open up the crafting menu. Except somehow i left-clicked instead of right-clicked, and i still had dynamite selected as my active item...

First split-second: Hey wait, what just happened? Did i throw something?
Second split-second: Oh crap! I just threw a piece of dynamite!
Third split-second: Oh #$%^! It landed on top of all my chests!!!
Fourth split-second: Can you pick up a piece of dynamite after you've thrown it??!?

I then made a valiant attempt to chase after the dynamite, but just as i got close enough to try and click on it... BOOM! "You were slain..."

The _good_ news is that apparently you can't blow up chests, at least not if they have stuff in them anyways (and i'm not anxious to test the alternative scenario.) I did have to pick up the pieces of floor and walls and platforms that had all been wiped out by the explosion and rebuild the center of my home, including my crafting area, but luckily, unlike in Minecraft, explosions in Terraria don't actually destroy anything, they just blast it into the pick-upable form.

Still though, i already felt like i'd wasted 25 silver from misplacing the first piece of dynamite, and i'm definitely out the full silver for completely wasting the second stick =P
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