DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Lime Truck

Made it out to Los Alamitos DinDinAGogo today for the first time in two weeks, and got to see Jesse for the first time since they've got back! I also ran into the girl who does, the one who was posting all kinds of info about the Great Food Truck Race and actually flew out to Miami for the final episode :)

On the minus side, it seems that Kiba quit and Jason is moving on to do "real" restaurants, and Daniel is going to be handling most of the administrative stuff, so the only old hands i'm gonna see at the trucks anymore are Jesse, Mark and Adam =/

But in any case i got to have yummy food and listen to gossip about the filming. Jesse kept his mouth contractually shut about the particulars of course. CallMeMochelle was a bit more loose lipped and let slip that there were some interesting shenanigans going on, but she manged not to give away who actually won. (Which is good i guess. I really want to know, but i can afford to wait and see it on tv.)

Speaking of which, everyone should be sure to watch on the Food Network when it starts airing August 14th :)
Tags: food

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