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Wow, I was actually awake and getting stuff done today!

The day started off interesting, apparently one of the many items that the company bought as the end of the fiscal year approached was an ice machine, and since they had money to burn, they got one much larger than we really need. So it showed up today, and once again, the delivery people sent a truck with no ramp, so a group of us had to go out there and catch the thing as they tilted it out of the truck.

So a good half hour or so was spent dragging the two parts of the ice machine around and unpacking it and stuff. The downstairs kitchen is getting majorly rearanged to make room for this thing. And you know, we don't really need it. I heard a price tag of either $2000 or $4000 attached to it. For that much, we could have given everyone a $50 or $100 bonus, and bought a couple of ice trays for the freezer instead.

Speaking of not so wisely spent money, we got the new chairs shipped in last week. The plus side, I finally got around to stuffing my old chair in the car, so I'm not sitting on a nice soft comfy reclining chair! Woohoo! No more hard wooden kitchen table chair for me!

On the minus side, I do not really like the new _$500_ chairs. They're supposed to be ergonomic and make you sit correctly and keep you from getting back pain and stuff.

Problem is, I don't normally get serious back pain and stuff, however I do tend to sit in odd positions. Tucking one foot under myself, crosslegged, both feet tucked under me, perched on the edge of the chair, etc. And most of these positions are made very dificult by the fact that the chair consists of a webby mesh center supported around the edges by a hard metal frame.

This is perfectly comfortable if you're just sitting in it normally, however if you want to do any of the stuff I usually do, you end up gouging yourself in the ankle or such with the edge of the chair. Yesterday I while I was walking into my office I tried to shove my chair aside with me leg, and actually hurt my shins! =P Sitting on the edge of the chair works fine, other than that, I've found one non-normal way of sitting, and ti puts my foot entirely to sleep after about five minutes.

My officemate isn't as odd as I, but he says that he tends to cross one one foot under the other leg when he's thinking about stuff, and has the same problem with ankle injuries that I do. Another friend of ours has also had some complaints. We can't believe that they bought 50 or so of these things just out of the blue!

They didn't even let us know what was going on first. We just got an email saying that we would be getting new chairs in a few weeks, and included a picture. Wouldn't the inteligent thing to do be to order one of each of a couple different kinds of chairs first, and let us all try them out? Even if they decided to only get the most popular type to try and make things in the office consistent, I'd be happier if I had had at least the possibility of affecting the outcome.

I actually thought about just keeping my old chair. There were two things that decided against it though, for one, despite the fact that I have a kinda icky chair at work, I have a free nice chair at home now. If I'd kept my old chair at work, they would have used the new chair for something else, and I would have gotten nothing out of it.

Second, they keep trying to be generous to us at work, or something like that. They try to reward us for long hours worked, but those rewards sometimes take strange forms, and they tend to frown upon anyone who tries to reject the rewards.

On a random not, I listened to my Secret of Mana cd for the first time in a long while. It actually made me sad, which probably sounds pretty corny when you're talking about the soundtrack from a video game. Since I hadn't listend to it for so long, it really reminded me of the times when I was actually playing it and the sequel, back in highschool and college.

Those were times when things were a lot simpler, and I had more to look forward in a lot of ways.

People keep saying that when you're young, you don't appreciate what you've got. Are there really people who are that confused? I knew when I was in highschool that it was one of the best periods of my life, and that it would only get better when I got into college. Of course it couldn't possibly have lived up to my dreams, but it pretty much lived up to my expectations, and the whole time I knew that my time there would be the best time in my life.

I wasn't looking forward to graduating, and now that I'm out in the "real world" I see that I was right. Most of my friends are people who still haven't graduated yet, all the rest have moved elsewhere. Once the rest of them graduate and move away, what will I have left? I seem to be incompetent at finding friends outside of a college atmosphere, not that I was that great at it there either, but that's another story.

I'll try to enjoy the remnents while they last, I suppose I should try to avoid being to melancholy about the time that I've lost, but I've never been too good at that.

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