DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

That's interesting...

I didn't really process it until just now, but when i created my first world in Terraria i named it "Esperia," since as far as i know the world in Final Fantasy 6 doesn't have a name. So when i realized that Large worlds sucked and created a new Small world i pondered what to name it for a bit, and then went with "Midgar." Admittedly that was kind of a strange choice, if i was going to go with a city name i could have used Narshe or Figaro or some such, and if i was going with FF7 i could have just called it Gaia. But i was anxious to get started on my new world so i didn't put that much thought into it (and i generally suck at names anyways.)

However i was quite happy that within the first couple (in game) days i got a message that there had been a Meteor impact, something that _can_ occur randomly but normally only happens when you hunt down and break a Shadow Orb.

So i created a world called Midgar and it immediately got hit with a Meteor... that's probably a coincidence? But if so then it's a pretty awesome one :)
Tags: video games

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