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If i'm counting right then tonight is the sixth anniversary of when i started going to Wumpskate :)

Back then i think Dungeon was still going on, if just barely, and Malediction and Ruin didn't exist yet. There were at least two or three smaller club things in between which i tried out and either weren't that good or just died, or of course both. It's a little strange that such a weird concept as Wumpskate has managed to survive through all of that.

Anyways, tonight's theme is "Heroes vs Villains." I thought about wearing either my Hellboy 2 BPRD shirt or my Kingdom Hearts "I'm just a nobody" shirt, but i think i'm going to go with the simple Good/Evil shirt. In the unlikely event that anyone asks if i'm a hero or a villain i'll say "yes" :)
Tags: clubs, rollerblading

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