DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

It's The End Of The (Video Game) World As We Know It

So if one can believe the countdown timer on Steam, Duke Nukem Forever will be released around 10pm tonight. This is _Duke Nukem Forever_ we're talking about, the game that's been in development for around 14 years, been canceled at least once, and has been just about the longest running joke in the gamer community since "the princess is in another castle."

I'd actually be tempted to buy a copy just for the hell of it except that

1: It's a FPS.
2: It's a full priced game.
3: If anything the crudeness and misogyny seems to have gotten worse in the last decade in a half.

I played the original 2D platformer Duke Nukem a bit back in the day, and it was alright. Then they switched to 3D FPS... must have been while i was in college, in theory the prime target demographic for a game like Duke Nukem 3D. But even then i found the humor of the game to be mostly crude and pointless. The game's main saving grace is that it's clearly not meant to be taken seriously, but that mostly just changes it from being totally offensive to just dumb. (And for the people who want to claim that it's still offensive despite that, well i'm not going to argue with them about it.)

So all in all i find it amazing that the game is coming out, but as for the existence of the game itself... meh, whatever. I might pick it up on sale at some point if the reviews turn out _really_ amazing, but on the other hand if i decide i'm willing to put up with stupid offensiveness for the sake of good gameplay then Bulletstorm is already available =P
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