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09 June 2011 @ 07:13 pm
This is bizarre  
Been listening to a lot of different podcast type things, and based on a sample size of about three the response to the new hardware at E3 seems to be amazingly consistent.

First right after the announcements

PlayStation Vita: Wow!

Nintendo Wii U: WTH???

After getting to try them out

PlayStation Vita: Meh. The graphics are really nice, but the controls are a bit weird, and most of the games so far look like things you'd be better off playing on your PS3.

Nintendo Wii U: Wow! It actually feels pretty good, the tech demos are a lot of fun, and the HD video looks great!

It's obviously still very early to make any kind of serious judgments, but i'm feeling a _little_ less apprehensive about Nintendo's strategy now. Although there is still some risk related to when exactly Sony and Microsoft can get their new consoles out.