DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

The good, the bad, and the confusing

A few more tidbits from E3 for today.

The good: Nintendo is showing off two Dragon Quest games, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joke 2 for DS, which gets a "yay!" from me, and... Fortune Street, aka the latest Itadaki Street game, kind of a combination of Monopoly and Mario Party for the many who are probably unaware of it. Of course the version Nintendo is bringing over is the one with Dragon Quest and Nintendo characters rather than the one i really want with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy characters, but it's still a big yay from me.

The confusing: Miyamoto gave an interview in which he was asked about "core gamers." He seems to be making excuses about why some previous iterations of their consoles weren't considered "core", but he does state that he feels they've reached equality with the other platforms with the Wii U and that developers of games for other consoles will be able to easily port them over. Particularly: "So, I think you'll find a blend of experiences on this system. Some of them will be based on the motion style of gameplay that we introduced with Wii, while others will be based on more traditional, core-type games." So it seems like they'd certainly like to attract the core gamers, but in that case...

The bad: Why is there still no sign of Xenoblade, the Last Story, or Pandora's Tower on the US release schedule? :( Is the population of JRPG fans in america really that small, or is Nintendo really that dense? This seems like a case where even if they had to take a small loss the good will generated would be worth it as a marketing expense. The most positive interpretation i've seen is that they're just waiting to release them with the Wii U, but i'm not sure if i buy that =/
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