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E3 2011 Sony Press Conference: Not Quite Live Blog

I experimented with trying to write down what i was thinking as the conference progressed. Trying to pay attention to the video, two other live blogs, and shelleycat's occasional comments while also taking notes was a bit difficult, but i ended up with a fair amount of stuff.

If you don't want to expand the cut, i guess the important takeaway bits are that Sony apologized a little for people not being able to connect to PSN and not at all for losing all their data, and the NGB will actually be called the PlayStation Vita, and will supposedly retail this holiday season for $250 for the WiFi version and $300 for the 3G version. I hate to say it, but i think Nintendo _may_ be in trouble in the handheld arena. I definitely think they should have skipped the 3D and gone with a little better regular graphics instead, and definitely should have had dual analog sticks. I wonder if Nintendo will feel capable of doing a price cut by the point the Vita comes out?

4:53: So what do we expect this year? A pretty straight forward press conference. In no particular order, a lot of apologies and/or excuses about the PSN outage, a lot of promotion for the NGP, which may end up being named the Playstation Vita (huh?) perhaps some promotion for Move, and a lot of pushing of big exclusive PS3 games (Infamous 2, Prototype 2, Uncharted 3, etc.)

5:10: Pre-show is pushing Infamous 2, guess that won't get much coverage during the conference itself? I think the guy they were interviewing just said there would be some midnight launches for the game tomorrow afternoon... huh? Did i miss a word or two there?

5:14: Get to watch people wandering around looking for seats now.

5:17: And we're live!

5:18: I see clips for God of War, Green Lantern, and other things i don't recognize. And the NGP showing off it's dual sticks (take that Nintendo =P)

5:20: ... was that Dragon Ball Z?

5:22: Jack Trenton starting out with the PSN outage, "the elephant in the room."

5:23 And joking about giving the press lots of bad news and controversy to talk about, which is probably the best thing he can do.

5:24: Apologizing to the consumers for the outage... but apparently not for losing all our data?

5:27: And now on to Uncharted 3.

5:28: Some guys from Naughty Dog coming out to demo it.

5:29: I have to admit that i haven't played much of the first two games. Looks like it involves a lot of MGS type stealth stuff, is that new?

5:32: Okay, there's a lot less stealth now :) Shelleycat making the obvious comparison to Tomb Raider.

5:35: Apparently they've cut some kind of deal with Subway for early access to the game? And now they're showing off 3D. Meh. ... Coming out 11-1-11 it seems.

5:37: Insomniac games coming out to present Resistance 3.

5:42: Looks like yet another FPS. They're going to be promoting Move with it.

5:43: "Our commitment to 3D is unwavering" =P God of Wars Origin collection, remastered version of the PSP games in 3D;

5:44: Ico HD collection! Woot! Could give a damn about the 3D part though =P

5:45: "Two new 3D hardware products" Playstation branded 3D display? 24" inch 3D TV. Also designed to let you do "split screen" games without splitting the screen. Also doing cheaper active 3D glasses.

5:46: They're doing a bundle of all the 3D stuff with Resistance 3. So is there some super bundle where you get Resistance 3, the 3D hardware _and_ the Move hardware? :)

5:47: 2K Sports coming out to talk about how awesome Move is *yawn*

5:49: Oh look, point and click basketball. And they've got Kobe Bryant to play it live.

5:54: Showing off new Move game, "Medieval Moves", which looks rather like that Sorcerer game they were showing off a year or two ago, which i wasn't very interested in at the time.

5:57: "Oh great, more gears" is that supposed to be a subtle jab? :)

5:59: Okay, they _are_ going to show off Infamous 2.

6:01: They're adding more Move support to Little Big Planet 2.

6:02 Trailer for Starhawk, have i heard of this before? SF western themed shooter and/or adventure game?

6:04: Some old franchise he gets hundreds of emails about? Oh, Sly Cooper. "Thieves in Time" out in 2012. That one didn't get much applause.

6:06: Eve Online people coming out now. He's announcing... something as a PS3 exclusive? Ahh, "Dust 514." It will connect to Eve Online somehow?

6:08: Apparently it's a first person shooter you play within the universe of Eve Online?

6:08: Heh, they've frozen the scene and are showing the price tags for all the weapons, armor, vehicles, etc. Sounds kind of cool in theory if you're into Eve and FPS games. Not sure how well the two will actually interact in practice though.

6:10: Irrational Games trailer, ahh, BioShock Infinite. VERY steampunky, but we knew that already.

6:12: Ken Levine out to talk about the game and Move now. Apparently he was skeptical at first but Sony coerced him into trying it out and including it in Bioshock Infinite.

6:15: Ahhh, and he's talking abut the NGP, implying they're making a game for it?

6:15: Buy Bioshock Infinite for PS3, get the first Bioshock on the same disk as well.

6:16: Saint's Row 3, November 15.

6:16: Star Trek game coming out timed with the next Star Trek movie. Not a good sign. But they're gonna make a phaser themed Move controller to go with it.

6:17: Showing off "pre-alpha" gameplay trailer. Looks like a standard third person SF shooter/adventure game.

6:19: Talking about a lot of PS3 exclusives for non-exclusive games. SSX course exclusive to PS3. All i want to know is if EA is still trying to make the new SSX game XTREME! =P

6:20: Something or other for Battlefield 3.

6:21: And finally, talking about the NGP? Kaz Hirai coming out to talk about it.

6:22: Okay, maybe he's gonna talk about the NGP, but first he's got to talk about the importance of networked and connected experiences =P

6:23: Playstation Suite? Whatever.

6:24: Okay, now we've got to talk about the PSP. Dancing around the subject of the NGP.

6:25: Dual touchpad, dual cameras, OLED, AR. And finally he's going to show it off! ...and it is in fact called the Playstation Vita =P

6:26: Dual sticks, front _and_ rear touchpads. Basically nothing we haven't seen leaked already.

6:26: Oh gods, it's going to be an AT&T exclusive for the 3G version =P

6:28: Focus on social stuff, can voice chat with people in the same "party room." Guess this is there attempt to combat XBox Live?

6:29: Some guy named Scott Rohde coming out to talk more about NGP?

6:30: Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the NGP. Doing a demo.

6:32: Graphics look good, not so sure about the alternate touch and motion controls.

6:35: A social action RPG? "Ruin" An NGP, er, Vita game that can connect to the PS3 somehow?

6:37: Looks a little Diablo-esque? Sounds like they're taking a page from Demons' Souls and letting people you've never met be your "rival"?

6:39: You can apparently save to the cloud and then continue playing on the PS3. Do you have to buy two different versions to do that?

6:40: Talking about how the ability to transfer between the handheld and the console is an entirely unique feature! I suppose it will remain that way until Nintendo's press conference tomorrow :)

6:41: Designing tracks in ModNation Racer on the Vita now. Apparently the panel on the opposite side is the "back touch panel" not the "rear touch panel" There is no rear touching with the Vita!

6:45: Apparently the Vita price has been announced via an alternate channel, $250 for WiFi model, $300 for 3G model.

6:46: Pushing the whole "play create share thing." Trailer for Little Big Planet on Vita. Oh wait, now it's "rear touch" again :)

6:48: Street Fighter X Tekken trailer.

6:50: There will be a Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken. The Cole from Infamous will be on the roster.

6:54: Apparently that's it for the Vita, closing out with a trailer/gameplay mashup video.

6:57: Vita will be out by holidays this year, and confirming the price, which gets a cheer. $249 US, 249 euros. Poor Europeans, why does Japan hate them? =P

6:58: So is Sony going to be making any profit on the Vita? Or taking a loss? And if so, how much?

6:59: Looked like the conference was over, but we're going back to Jack Tretton again for a few more minutes.

7:00: Okay, actually done now except for the closing trailer mashup. Just shy of two hours. Ooohh! Live taiko drums! :)

Looks like the music and videos may be going for awhile. And showing people trying out the various game demos. Guess that's all i need to watch.
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