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In preparation for E3 i'm trying to fast-forward through the last month and a half of podcast episodes for GameSpot's the HotSpot and Shacknews' Weekend Confirmed. (I listen to a couple other podcasts as well, but so far those are the best two i've found in terms of consistently balancing information content and entertainment.)

It's been really interesting listening to their discussions about Project Cafe and the PSN outage in fast-forward with a big dollop of hindsight.

About Sony:
Week 1: Anonymous has declared war on Sony over the GeoHot thing. Haha, isn't it cute how they think they matter?
Week 2: Sony's settled with GeoHot, and he's swearing on his blog that he's never going to buy another Sony product, but how much influence does he have exactly? Anonymous managed to bring PSN down for a little bit, but it's back up now, and aren't they silly?
Week 3: PSN went down a day or two ago, but Sony says they'll have it back up in a couple days! I bet they're just having problems integrating the PSN software with the Valve software for the Portal 2 release.

About Nintendo:
Week 1: Wow, Nintendo has practically zero games coming out for the Wii this year. There are some rumors about a new Wii console, that would make the games thing make sense, so maybe it's true.
Week 2: Well the rumors about the new console have been confirmed, but these rumors about a controller with a touchscreen can't be right! Who would want a touchscreen on a controller? And they'd never come out with something so complicated after emphasizing how important it was for the Wii controller to be simple! And anyways it would be way too expensive! I bet someone just caught a glimpse of one of Nintendo's unrelated R&D projects and started talking about it.

Of course i and people i know have made some wrong guesses about Nintendo's new console, but we're not industry professionals being paid to record our opinions for posterity :) It'll be interesting to see what they have to say in a couple of episodes when PSN has been down for a few weeks due to hacker intrusion and touchscreens on the Project Cafe controllers has been confirmed.
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