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03 June 2011 @ 12:56 pm
More game stuff  
Cool pre-E3 news and cool sales going on this weekend.

Good Old Games has announced that they've cut a deal with EA. It supposedly includes 25 games (so far at least) and they're starting out with Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper, and Ultima Underworld 1 & 2. (Of course i'm hoping that eventually they'll have Red Alert 2 *cough* :)

GOG is _also_ doing a sale this weekend on the Age of Wonders series. I have to admit that i've never played the games (despite buying them from GOG a few months ago during another sale) but i've heard good things about them. They're supposedly very much like Master of Magic, which is pretty much a fantasy based Civilization game combined with turn-based tactical combat on separate mini-maps when armies encounter each other (like Master of Orion, and like Master of Orion you can have the combat auto-resolve if you don't want to deal with the tactics.)

Meanwhile Steam is doing a fairly normal weekend sale, which is only significant to me because it contains Red Faction ($2.50) Red Faction 2 ($2.50) and Red Faction Guerrilla ($5). I've already got Red Faction Guerilla on PS3, so i'm not sure if that one is worth picking up again. However i really enjoyed Red Faction on the PS2, so i'm pretty tempted to get the first two games for $5 total. It was nothing spectacular as far as FPS games go, but i liked being able to dig giant holes into and through things, and the x-ray Rail Gun was a lot of fun, though more so in the very occasional game i played against another real person rather than bots. You don't get the same WTF reaction from a bot when a rail gun bolt comes out of nowhere through the nearest wall and kills them :)

And re: the post yesterday about FF7, jmpava made a really great point that i failed to articulate as to the value of getting something like an FF7 exclusive on a particular console (at least if you can get it before the launch or _very_ shortly thereafter).

"if one of the big points of unveiling the console has to do with a push towards x market
especially when it's still a ways off
I definitley see you are going to see other companies with games in that market figuring, oh, ok, we're going to have customers on that system, and once they are sick of 7, we'll provide something for them"

Even if that one game isn't enough to convince everyone to go out and buy the console, it does send a message to both gamers and developers about how you're trying to position the console. In this case it would be a promise to the gamers that the Nintendo Cafe wouldn't be just about Nintendo franchises, that they were making a serious effort to attract "hardcore" games from third parties, and it would be a promise to those third parties that there would be an audience interested in purchasing "hardcore" third party games. Not that such promises are always fulfilled, but it's the kind of thing where if you don't even try you're definitely doomed to failure.
Pava: Osaka Sez!jmpava on June 3rd, 2011 09:15 pm (UTC)
Which is not to say I think such a thing would ACTUALLY happen, but if it did, that's a valid point ;->

(I like how you left it in my normal unspellchecked IM dialect ;-> )
DonAithnen: Games: FF Crystaldonaithnen on June 4th, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)
Well i _hope_ it was already established in the previous post that this wasn't anything i or anyone else was actually predicting would happen. Just something that would definitely cause a lot of talk and that i at least think would be pretty effective in the unlikely event that it did occur :)
Kirin: FetchQuestkirinn on June 4th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
It also helps establish "there are going to be decent games in genre X" on this system, which in this case would be JRPGs. Though actually the Wii has been getting a surprising amount of big JRPGs lately, what with Xenoblade and The Last Story and Tales stuff and the new Pandora Tower thing (though I don't remember if all those are coming to the US - haven't paid that close attention for obvious reasons).

Tangentially speaking of which, you're gonna condense all the interesting E3 news so I don't have to find time to keep up with it, right? ;3 (Again for obvious reasons, I'll be most interested in Sony console and Nintendo portable stuffs...)

I did see the news out of Konami's pre-E3 conference. Zone of Enders announcement? Yes! Compilation of the first two games with no murmur of a third... ehhhhh. I *may* buy them anyway, they'd be fun in HD, but it'll depend what my time/budget is like when they're out, and the Ico/SotC collection has priority.
DonAithnen: Games: Nintendodonaithnen on June 4th, 2011 05:30 pm (UTC)
Xenoblade has a confirmed release date for Europe, but _not_ for NA. Nintendo has it listed as "To Be Announced" on their release list, which is kinda sorta confirmation that it will eventually be coming out here? Last Story and Pandora's Tower don't even have that much =P

And what, you really think i can do a better job of trawling the various game sites than you could?
Kirinkirinn on June 4th, 2011 08:44 pm (UTC)

I've just been feeling really short on time for trawling any sites beyond my basic social feeds lately, so I doubt I'll keep up with the E3 news flood. Work's been kind of crazy. :/