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Gamasutra has an interesting OpEd piece up about Nintendo: "Opinion: Hey Nintendo's Scott Moffitt, Read This".

Seems like a fairly balanced view of things. It covers a lot of Nintendo's failings, though mostly in the general rather than the specific. I really wish i could have been a fly on the wall of the boardroom for some of those specific decisions though. Friend codes? Just one analog stick on the 3DS? Slamming the whole concept of Trophies/Achievements? I think i've already said earlier that launching the next generation "early" is the best choice Nintendo could have made, (Edit: yes, i did indeed say something about it :) but i'm still worried they'll manage to screw it up with some oddball decisions. The achievements comment certainly seems like a step in that direction =P

And as long as i'm talking about Nintendo, for those who care but haven't heard (presumably a small set?) Nintendo is going to be doing a live webcast of their E3 press conference. Usually i just follow the press conferences via various live bloggers, but i may end up taking some time off next tuesday so i can actually watch it. (How sad does that make me? =)
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