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Thinking about going clubbing tonight, feeling a little apathetic though.

I've just got back from the New Years party, where i "met" all kinds of cool people, and got to see lots of other cool people who i haven't seen in awhile. The odds of me meeting those types of people at a club are pretty low. Of course the odds aren't particularly any lower than any other random place i might go, and significantly higher than they would be if i stayed at home.

I wish i was better at meeting people. When it really comes down to it, i've made two sets of friends pretty much on my own, and those were both under unusual circumstances. All the other good friends i've had have flowed out of those contacts.

How do i make new good friends? How do i find the type of people that i'd want to be good friends with?

I sometimes wonder if the social goals i set for myself are as unreasonable as the goals i set for myself in every other aspect of my life and i'm destined to be just as disapointed in those regards as in others.

I seem to be getting into the depressed period of the night, but i'm not sure if that information has any value. I've never figured out if going clubbing when i'm depressed makes me more ore less depressed, or if going clubbing when i'm happy makes me more or less happy.

I wish i could just have a nearby stable group of friends and lover(s).

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