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I definitely need new batteries, and possibly also a new charger as well. Most of the rechargeable batteries i've got seem to be dead, when i put them in the recharger the light just blinks on and off. Sometimes if i take them out and put them back in multiple times i can get them to charge. However all the batteries, including the ones that seem to charge okay, have extremely shortened lifespans as far as i can tell. I need to replace the batteries in my keyboard and mouse every other week or so it seems. It's almost certainly due in part to the batteries getting old, but it probably doesn't help that the recharger is at least four or five years old, possibly more.

So i started wondering, if i get a whole new set of recharger and batteries, which should i get? Duracell or Energizer? As far as i'm aware there's no practical difference between the two, which got me started to thinking about which i like better, and in the lack of practical differences it all comes down to pretty trivial stuff. They both have interesting color schemes, although in completely different styles. The silver and black of energizer generally fits my more normal favorite color scheme, but my earliest memories of batteries are the duracell black and copper, so that has a certain old-fashioned nostalgic appeal. Energizer has more amusing commercials, while Duracell tries for more "informative"commercials. Would i rather reward one kind of advertising over another? Or is rewarding them for the kind of advertising they do sending the wrong message? (Pretending for a nanosecond that they either knew or cared what i felt about it.)

And then i started wondering if spending that much time thinking about something like that was stupid. Am i fighting the mindless consumerist mentality by putting that much thought into a purchase? Or am i embracing it by comparing the products on such a trivial and advertising oriented basis? And then i started wondering if trying to analyze the situation to decide if it was stupid or not was even stupider. And then i decided i ought to make an LJ post about :) Here! Have some stupidness! On me! :)
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