DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Another Amazon Game day

Looks like Amazon is doing another day of video game deals. The Deal of the day is Crysis 2. The Lightning deal hints are as follows:

6:00 AM: "Engineer your adventure in the dead of space" Dead Space 2? Not sure how the engineering part works in though.
7:00 AM: "The legend of your rise to power begins now" Dragon Age 2?
8:00 AM: "The divine conflict between harmony and discord for your PSP" Uh, Final Fantasy Dissidia Duowhatever?
10:00 AM: "One of the greatest games of all time complete for your PSP" FF4 Complete? If so i wonder if that's just a caption from marketing or if someone at Amazon likes FF :)
12:00 AM: "I believe I can fly" Pilotwings 3DS?
2:00 PM: "Choose the Guardians or the Defiant" Google says that means Rift.
4:00 PM: "Hit the gridiron with this perennial franchise" "Gridiron" means football, right? So Madden?
6:00 PM: "Twist and turn through an action-packed Sonic experience" Gee, could it be that new Sonic game?
8:00 PM: "Experience the pageantry of College Football like never before" I didn't know there was a college football game, that's really interesting and... who am i kidding? =P
Tags: video games

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