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13 May 2011 @ 05:57 pm
I haven't bothered setting up an auto-twitter thing yet since i don't do that many twitters (and i'm kind of leary about giving a third party my LJ password) so let's see if i can copy/paste them in instead.

My first 24 tweets, in... er, going backwards in time chronological order

11 May
The AC _seems_ to be working, but the office has suddenly acquired a bunch of brand new fans. I find that somewhat ominous...

10 May
Damn it, I'm so out if shape :( Just 2.5 hours of rollerblading and I'm already sooooo tired =/

10 May
Oh, wait, I suppose it should be Woot! At #wumpskate

9 May
Woot! Wumpskate!

7 May
Hmm, how many episodes of Naruto filler should i watch before skipping ahead? I wonder if i could play Gemcraft at the same time?

7 May
@Kirinn Woot! I'd totally forgotten about that since it wasn't stopping anywhere especially convenient for me =P

6 May
Irony: 1Up ATB podcast's 2nd to last episode talking about all the stuff they've got planned for the future =P (yes, I'm 2 months behind)

5 May
Finished up Dreadnaught (Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier) and started Changeless (Parasol Protectorate)

5 May
Damn it! I stayed up way too late getting to wave 290 in Gemcraft Labyrinth and then my computer crashed in the middle of it :(

4 May
AC has been out in the office all day *dies*

4 May
Woot! I just got the Android 2.3.4 update for my phone! :)

2 May
@madmanatw It's gotta be the long form death certificate or nothing.

1 May
Once again my plans to get stuff done during the weekend have run afoul of it being the weekend =P

30 Apr
I am so lazy =P I like the feel of paper books more, but I'm a lot more likely to actually get reading done if I've got a book on my phone.

29 Apr
@exaggerated that sounds kinda like my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts :)

28 Apr
Brain ded. Need moar sleep.

28 Apr
@exaggerated Eek! Are you okay? :(

28 Apr
@darthginny OMG the Ravenclaw song is awesome! Do you have a tip jar or something like that anywhere?

28 Apr
I am reading Empire from the Ashes http://bit.ly/jpnlcO @GetGlue #EmpireFromTheAshes

27 Apr
Played two games of Factory Manager. Lost horribly both times =P http://bit.ly/hGckrk @GetGlue #PowerGrid

27 Apr
Going down a flight of stairs when your foot is totally asleep is hard =P

27 Apr
Best new PS3 slogans: It Only Does Nothing. It Only Doesn't. It Only Does OFFLINE. It Only Does Identity Theft. It Only Steals Everything.

27 Apr
So what happens if I let GetGlue use Twitter while checking in? http://bit.ly/esS3gM @GetGlue #TheLostFleet

26 Apr
Yay! The first book in the new Lost Fleet series is out today, and I've already got it! (Also got the second Parasol Protectorate book.)

Hmmm, so i get the date but not the time. Perhaps i ought to look into the email them to yourself thing kirinn was talking about.