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Just.... wow.

I just saw a pretty cool music video. "Ravenclaws" is a parody video of a song called "Friday", which i hadn't heard of before. For a fan music parody video it's pretty darn good. Assuming you have even the slightest interest in Harry Potter it's pretty amusing, and the singer actually sounds pretty good, and the tune is kinda catchy. (Also, the singer is performing a geeky song while dressed in a schoolgirl outfit with a very short skirt. I don't think i want to find out exactly how old she isn't *cough* =P)

The the Topless Robot post that informed me about the video said "infinitely more clever than the original (although that admittedly isn't saying much)", but i just thought that was the usual "ha ha, modern commercially produced pop music is so dum!"

Then i went and watched the original video, Rebecca Black - Friday. It's hard to compare such things, but i think it may be the most insipid music video i've ever seen/heard. The lyrics are... beyond dumb. The choreography (or whatever you call it) seems... amateur is perhaps too good a word for it. The other video was clearly an amateur effort, but _it_ was a lot more interesting than the original. And her voice was clearly auto-tuned. I'm not going to say all auto-tuning is bad, some pretty creative stuff has been done with it, but they somehow managed to do a _bad_ job of auto-tuning it. During the chorus it almost sounds like she's out of pitch _despite_ the auto-tuning.

shelleycat and i just kinda stared for the whole video with our mouths open going WTF??? We finally concluded that the only way to salvage it, besides making an awesome Harry Potter parody of course, would be to swap out the singer and replace her with a cat. This song would be a staggering work of genius for a cat. It even uses lolspeak for part of the lyrics =P

Oh, and the best(?) part? The video currently has 122 _million_ views. It has 333,000 likes, and 2.4 _million_ dislikes.

And what the hell _is_ a Hufflepuff anyways? :)
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