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Traffic really sucked on the 405 N yesterday starting around 5, so i decided to delay my trip up to the Los Alamitos DinDinAGoGo. When i finally left around 7:30 i was kind of amused that i was listening to "The Hunger Games" on the way up. I was a lot less amused when i got there and found out the Lime Truck had had a busy day and was all sold out of both things that i had wanted to get, the Carnitas Fries and the "Cuban Sandwich Crisis." Luckily it seems that they were all out of their pre-made sandwiches but not out of the actual ingredients, so since i'm one of their favorite customers they were willing to put one together for me (it probably didn't hurt that there weren't too many other customers around at that point.) I didn't even ask them to do it, they just volunteered since they know that sandwich is one of my favorites :)

All the "big name" people were gone getting the new truck ready for, you know, that thing :) I'm a little worried that they're supposedly leaving today and they've had the chance to test drive the truck but not the chance to actually practice cooking anything in it yet. Supposedly it's the exact same as the old truck except a little bigger, but there's always the chance there could be something unexpected to catch them up =/
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