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More Game of Thrones

After watching the premiere on sunday and taking a look at the full schedules for both Game of Thrones and True Blood shelleycat and i decided it would be worth getting HBO for the six months or so necessary to catch all episodes of both shows. (I expect it was fully intentional on their part that the last episodes of Game of Thrones is the same week as the first episode of True Blood.) It turned out to only be $10 a month since we were eligible for some kind of special (a special which they swore wouldn't prevent us from canceling the service in six months, we'll see how true that actually turns out to be.) Of course if we're still interested in season 2 of Game of Thrones and season 5 of True Blood next year it will presumably cost more.

But in any case, since we had the channel now we decided to watch the repeat of the first episode of Game of Thrones last night in HD. Somehow i'd forgotten that there actually was a brief scene taking place in King's Landing, which makes a 1:1 mapping between places shown in the intro map and places shown during the episode. I can't wait to see if the intro changes at all next week, or if i'll have to wait a whole nother season to see new clockwork :) I also noticed that the dragon pins that rowr was telling me about actually _do_ have three heads on them. Also, we got to see the preview for "upcoming" weeks. It's veeeery interesting what they decided not to tell us about. Particularly, they seemed to be going out of their way to make shelleycat think that her misapprehension was correct through the use of selective quotes :) Not that this is a bad thing, the general trend of blurbs and previews (and sometimes front cover quotes!) providing major spoilers is a bad one, it's just a pleasant surprise that they're doing otherwise.
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