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The intro to Game of Thrones is awesome!

The episode itself was pretty awesome too, but the intro was unexpectedly awesome. Let me see if i can find a video of it...

Yes i can! Though who knows how long until it gets taken down. But if you like fantasy or clockwork you probably ought to check it out :)

I noticed that the intro shows four locations, three of which were covered in the episode. I will be incredibly happy if they actually change the intro for each episode, always starting with King's Landing but then going to whatever locations are particular for the upcoming episode. It seems rather unlikely, but one can always hope :)

Oh, and shelleycat, who's never read the books, thought the episode was pretty awesome as well, and was kinda blown away be the cliff hanger ending. (Though she seems to have drawn entirely the wrong conclusion from it, even after i gave her a vague spoiler =)

Edit: Wow, the intro is even cooler than i thought. The images on the metal band that show up between the landscape/clockwork bits aren't just pretty, they're historical tapestry type things, as annotated by the (currently) most popular comment in the video i linked.
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