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Minecraft Madness

So Minecraft now has an official release date, but it's kinda irrelevant. It's already zeroing on on two million sales from the alpha and beta stages, and even the creator admits that the "release" version won't be that much different than what we've already got. Then again, it's not like what we've already got isn't already awesome :)

But it _is_ an excuse to post some fun Minecraft stuff. Well, that and the fact that i've actually gotten back into the game recently :)

First, there have been a couple cool fan songs. First, "In Search Of Diamonds, which has a decent song and shows lots of cool stuff that people have done. "Mining All Day Long" is a better song, though it doesn't show quite as many cool things. (Although one of the things it does show is a rather Final Fantasyish looking airship =)

And if you haven't seen it yet, "Minecraft FIREE WTFFFFFFF!!!!!" is probably the most amusing minecraft video currently in existence :)

And i should probably put all the other links behind a cut.

Funny videos:

"end of the world": How to crash a Minecraft server using TNT.

"A Tribute to Thomas the Sheep": Don't watch this if you're fond of pixilated sheep :)

"MINECRAFT: The Last Minecart": An amusing real life spoof video.

Cool videos:

"Minecraft Note Blocks - Portal Still Alive (Full version)": Someone used redstone circuits and music boxes to program the complete "Still Alive" song. It's a little buggy due to the limitations of the note blocks and the occasional lagging of the redstone, but it's still pretty damn impressive.

"Huge Minecraft Rollercoaster HD": A cool roller coaster.

"[HD] Minecraft Domino part 1": Using a bug with sand blocks to make a cool domino like effect.

"[HD] Minecraft Domino part 2": Another video of the above (though not as good as the first since it only uses a single camera angle.)

Pretty videos:

"The Beauty Of Minecraft (HD)": This is pretty.

"Dreamcraft [Minecraft]": So is this.

That's certainly far from all the good Minecraft videos out there. There are probably more in the related links of the above. If anyone happens to know of any other particularly cool videos i'd love to hear about it :)

And if you haven't tried out Minecraft yet and aren't sure if you'd want to, This is the Let's Play video series that got me started. There may very well be better ones out there, but i haven't really put any effort into finding them. And the fifth episodes is the one that taught me my basic mining strategy. Don't know if it's really the best one, but i like it :)
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