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Please don't jinx it!

Yesterday was kinda crappy for a couple different reasons. Two good things though. First, i found Minecraft GPS, an app that will let you know your exact coordinates while playing Minecraft! This will make planning underground complexes _much_ easier!

More importantly, while chatting with the Lime Truck people i found out that they've applied to be on the Great Food Truck Race next season! Actually, i'm not sure if that's the correct term since apparently the producers for the show contacted _them_ first :) They don't know if they've made the cut yet (or maybe they're just under contract not to say =) but i've got my fingers crossed :) Assuming the second season is run approximately the same way they'd be great competitors. They already shift their menu around every week and frequently come up with entirely new things, so having to deal with weird challenges hopefully wouldn't phase them much. The only area they might fall down is "marketing." They've certainly got a nice looking truck, but neither the name nor the artwork stands out spectacularly, and they're kinda falling down in the cute girls department. They also mentioned that if they make it on the show Daniel, Jason and Jesse will be on the show while Mark and Adam will be doing their usual spots with a "spare" truck. Which kinda sucks for Mark and Adam, but it would mean that i'd be able to watch my favorite food truck on tv and not have to give up eating their food for a couple weeks(?) during the shooting :)
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