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GameStop is buying Impulse from Stardock? Ha! That's a great one!

...wait, what do you mean it's not a joke?!?

Well fuuuucuk =P Impulse definitely needed some work done on it to compete with Steam, but i'm not sure this is really the best path.

So one of my three favorite online sources for video games has gone from being owned by a company i like and respect and which seems to genuinely care about its customers, to being owned by a giant behemoth that i'm rather ambivalent towards and which has poor customer service at best.

Really i think the main thing they needed was just a simplified client with achievements and some community stuff. I've never made a decision to buy a game just because it has achievements, but if i have a choice between two locations to buy a game and one of them has achievements and the other doesn't, well all else being equal i'll go with the achievements. I'm not sure that's the kind of direction that a company like GameStop will take things though.

Impulse is really occupying an unfortunate kind of middle ground between GOG and Steam. It's got a moderate amount of DRM, it's got a client, but it's a kind of clunky client that doesn't include achievements or social stuff, it's regular prices aren't anywhere near as good as GOG's, but it's sales prices usually aren't as deep as Steam's. Impulse stands up pretty good in a comparison against either Steam or GOG by itself, but when you put the three of them together for almost every metric where you can say "Impulse is better than Steam at this thing," then GOG is even better at that particular thing, and vice versa.
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