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Wow, games

Second of all, there seem to be a lot of cool deals this weekend.

I think i mentioned a few weeks ago that Steam had the first three Shining games (Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force and Shining Force 2) included in the "SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 4." Well now they've got the "SEGA Genesis Classics Collection" which seems to include all four classics packs for $10. Sure quite a number of those forty games are meh, but there's some other decent games as well, and for 25 cents a game you can afford some "meh" ones anyways :) They've also got a "Dreamcast Collection" on sale, but that's $15, only includes 4 games, and the selection is rather... odd. Crazy Taxi (yay!) Sonic Adventure DX (good if you're into Sonic i suppose) Space Channel 5: Part 2 (Yay!... er, just part 2? WTH?) and SEGA Bass Fishing (SRSLY?)

Meanwhile GOG has a deal on a bunch of games i've mostly never heard of from a company i've never heard of, but a couple of them look pretty interesting.

Impulse has... not much this weekend. There's a strategy game for $7.50 called "Fate of the World." I'd probably consider picking it up for $3-5, but $7.50 might be a bit munch unless it actually gets more than the one 50% review on metacritic for me to peruse.

Now first of all, the 3DS comes out on sunday!!! :)

Yes it's a little expensive (though only compared to past Nintendo portable systems) and yes it has battery life issues (although my current DS only gets about 2-4 hours of battery by this point =) and there's not even any great games coming out at release (though there are definitely some decent ones.)

HOWEVER. I'm definitely going to want one before the end of the year. Before then i'm at least somewhat interested in Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Professor Layton and Tales of the Abyss. I doubt that _all_ of them are gonna slip to 2012. And within that time frame i'd be surprised if they started shipping it with an improved battery, and there's almost no way there will be a price cut that early. So if i'm going to get one within the next nine months i can't think of any good reasons not to just get it this weekend.

Which leaves two questions. Where/how do i get it and what games do i get along with it? In theory i could get it from Amazon. They don't claim to be back-ordered yet, and it comes with a $25 discount off a game. That however doesn't involve waiting in line. The last time i waited in line for anything was FF13 last year, and obviously it's been a lot longer since i waited in line for a console (the Wii.) I've gotta wait in line for something every couple years or i lose my geek card, right? :)

Unfortunately if i want to wait in line there doesn't seem to be any places offering any great deals. I got my Wii at the Target a couple blocks away but they don't have any deals listed. Toys R Us' deal is only good if i want to get two games. Kmart's deal is decent (almost the same as Amazon's) but we're kinda in the middle of a Kmart void. I suppose it really isn't that far though, so i should see if they plan to have any in stock or if they're all pre-ordered. Of course this time there's a new snag in that the 3DS is going to have multiple colors at launch, and i'd definitely prefer the black one, at least based on online pictures. That means that i couldn't really afford to be near the end of the line or i might not have a choice (assuming they get the colors in relatively equal amounts.)

The other question is which game(s) to get. I'm kinda interested in Super Monkey Ball and Pilotwings, and kinda curious about Steel Diver and Samurai Warriors.
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