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The official release for Firefox 4 just happened. In between figuring out how to restore all the stuff they removed to make it "cleaner" "just like Chrome" (yay, the browser i like is copying a browser have serious UI disagreements with =P) i've been watching the worldwide downloads at It's getting downloaded in all the usual places, so mostly what's interesting is where it isn't getting downloaded. That seems to mainly be Alaska (seen exactly one dot there in several minutes of watching) Siberia (possibly a couple dots in the west edges, but none in the central or eastern areas) Greenland and Iceland, central Africa, Madagascar, and of course Antarctica. It is interesting though that although i've seen nothing in Madagascar i have seen a couple in either Reunion or Mauritius. Upon doing a little demographics research i guess it makes sense though, since Reunion and Mauritius both have a GDP in the same order of magnitude as Madagascar, but about one tenth or one twentieth the population each.
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