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So good news first: Amazon's doing more video game lightning sales today. It doesn't really look like they're doing any games that appeal to me, but perhaps someone else will be interested. Their main deal of Dragon Age 2 for $40 might have been a big deal, except that i think everyone i know who's interested in it already has it :)

Now the bad news: AT&T has announced that it's buying T-Mobile for $39 billion =P I've been very happy with T-Mobile for the year and a half i've been with them. I'm kinda dubious about whether AT&T will continue to carry a cheap plan with no contract for use with unlocked phones, so i'm expecting some direct negative repercussions on my end. And i'm not exactly happy with everything getting swallowed up by Ma Bell again (even if the path from here to there is somewhat torturous) and AT&T's insistence on associating themselves with the iPhone, particularly on the Hulu commercials i've been seeing a lot of lately, doesn't exactly make me think positively of them either. It turn out though that it's worse than that, it'll be dead Jim. AT&T is planning on ripping down T-Mobile's 3G antennas and replacing them with their own 4G antennas. On the plus side that won't happen for about a year, which is about how long i keep telling myself i ought to wait before getting a new phone anyways, so hopefully i'll have some kind of exit strategy by then. Unfortunately T-Mobile was the last big GSM alternative to AT&T in the US, almost everyone else is using CDMA.

Maybe i'll get lucky and the merger will get blocked on anti-trust grounds, but i'm not holding my breath =P

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