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The (only) company i interviewed at called this morning and said they want to offer me a job. This continues the trend of me feeling really rushed about this whole thing.

If things had ideally gone the way i wanted them too, i would just now be starting to think about sending out resumes to companies i was interested in, instead i have to make a very important decision with lots of potential repercusions fairly quickly.

For one thing, they're offering me about 57k a year. I was making 55k at Westwood, and i was up for salary review in March. If i had gotten the same raise as i did last year, i would have been pretty close to 59k, so i'm wondering if they might change their offer if i point that out to them. It's possible that if i applied to several different companies i might get an offer even better than that.

For another, there is one other EA office in southern california as far as i can tell, and if i got a job there i might get to keep my stock options, which would be nice.

I'm also not sure that i'm very interested in the particular project they're working on, although i am interested in working on consoles in general.

However the job market isn't exactly great at the momment, and it might be very foolish of me to reject this offer when i don't have anything else available right now.

I hate decisions.

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