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Wumpskate was last night, yay! Spent about two hours rollerblading. My legs were starting to get sore towards the end of it and are definitely sore today. I am so out of shape =P

On the plus side i hadn't eaten for about eight hours before Wumpskate, so hopefully i burned off a little fat? I did eat a balance bar right afterwards in the hopes that my body could use the protein to fix up a little of the muscle i must have lost. I'm not sure if mixing two different exercise/nutrition philosophies like that is the wisest course, but eh, whatever :)

Hopefully now that daylight savings has started (or ended? I can never keep that straight) i'll be able to rollerblade in the afternoon at least some of the time. After it warms up anyways. I wonder which would be better, going rollerblading around the neighborhood for 20-30 minutes every day, or going down to the beach once or twice a week for 90-120 minutes each?
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