DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

That was awesome!

We went to see Tron Legacy at the cheapy theatre this afternoon. I think i need to go to rotten tomatoes, write down the names of everyone who said it sucked, and then never listen to any review of theirs ever again.

I guess it falls under the category of evolutionary, not revolutionary, but it was still pretty damn good. At least if you're familiar with and liked the original Tron. It actually has a pretty decent and comprehendable plot for an action movie like this. Everyone does relatively intelligent things for relatively intelligent reasons. Most of the "dumb" stuff can easily be chalked up to lack of information or naivete on the part of the people making the decisions.

There's just two questions i have, which i suppose are technically spoilers, though they really don't reveal anything important about the plot.

So why did Flynn decide to create a new world rather than just improving the old one?

And is it safe to assume that the old world is doing fine on another server and he didn't delete it to make room or anything like that? And presumably the old world is still going along fine since it has neither MCP or anyone else around to screw things up?
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