DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Collision of Circumstances

The Evangelion remake has been showing up in a lot of popular AMVs and getting me to think about watching it. Then coincidentally this morning shelleycat mentioned some book based on the theory that Jesus had descendants but had gotten that point out of the way right up front and then was dealing with the consequences.

That caused me to joke that someone ought to make an anime in which christ had descendants, and they all had superpowers and spent their time fighting each other. Kind of like Dragonball Z with maybe a little Highlander thrown in. shelleycat thought this was a great idea, on the basis that they'd already mined all other kinds of mythology for ideas, perhaps it was time they got around to christianity. That resulted in me just being speechless for a second or two. I mean, i'd know she hadn't seen that much Evangelion, and she certainly hasn't played Xenogears, but still!

So i told her that okay, i had to show her at least some Evangelion, but i wasn't sure if i should show her the new series or the old series, which is more insane. She responded that more insanity is better, which normally i would agree with, but i'm not sure if that actually applies to the case of Evangelion. She said i ought to ask coraa which she should watch, but i figured i'd make it a poll and open it up to everyone. (I expect coraa's opinion will get extra weight though =)

Poll #1717040 Evangelion poll

Which Evangelion should i show to Shelleycat?

Just show her the first one, so she can get the full appreciation for the insanity.
Just show her the second one, it's got better graphics and has a new ending (which i can only presume is less insane?)
Show her the old one, then show her the new one.
Show her the new one, then show her the old one.
Show her the new one, then show her the last five or six episodes of the old one so she can see how horribly wrong it went the first time.
Don't show her anything, that way lies madness.
I have some other opinion that i will express in the comments.

Ticky box!

Yes ticky box!
No ticky box!
Both ticky box!
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