DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I really need a food icon

We are now apparently considered "regulars" at two of the food trucks now, the Lime Truck and SpudRunners, which is nice since they're two of our favorite trucks :) The people at the Lime Truck know me by name and have offered me free drinks a couple of times, and when i expressed interest in buying one of their shirts they said they'd give me one for free the next time the have a medium in stock. The SpudRunner people haven't managed to remember my name yet, but they recognize me and give given me discounts on a couple of occasions.

Tropical Shave Ice is another one of our favorites, but only one of the people at that truck even seems to recognize us, and i don't think she remembers our names. The Bacon Mania truck is quickly becoming one of my favorites (shelleycat hasn't tried them very often yet) but they haven't really been around long enough for me to go often enough to become a regular so far :)
Tags: food

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