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HDTV stuff

So the HDTV cables showed up wednesday last week (a day earlier than they were scheduled, yay!) so we hooked them up and tried watching a couple different things.

After looking through the stuff i had copies of on both DVD and Blu-Ray, we decided to start with 5th Element (i guess this is something of a tradition amongst geeks?) We Jumped straight to the opera scene on the DVD version, then as soon as it was done we went to the Blu-Ray version. When staring closely at the screen i have to admit that i could tell the difference. There were some minor details that stood out a lot better on the Blu-Ray version. However when i wasn't actually concentrating on the details i couldn't really tell the difference. I think this confirms my initial purchasing hypothesis that when the prices are very close i should go with the Blu-Ray, but it's not really worth paying extra for.

Once we were done with the HD vs regular D comparison we tried out the "Motionflow" system, which supposedly combines adjoining identical frames to make up new frames to insert in between, to "upscale" the signal to 60 or 120hz. The results were INCREDIBLY BIZARRE! Especially during the combat scene. It seemed like everyone was moving a lot faster than they usually did, except they clearly weren't since after any given period of time they were still in the exact same place they would have been with Motionflow turned off. A lot of people compare viewing stuff with Motionflow to watching a soap opera, since it's somehow cheaper to shoot soap operas using a higher frame rate than that used for movies and regular tv, since i don't normally watch soap operas i can't really compare, but it certainly was odd. We watched a little more of 5th Element that way just for the oddity, then switched to the "How To Train Your Dragon" Blu-Ray because shelleycat wanted to see what it did to animation (not as bad, but still frickin weird) before she finally let me turn it off :)
Tags: technology, tv

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