DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Busy weekend

I did lots of stuff this weekend, and some of it was even productive!

I got up early saturday morning and went to the local hardware store to get sandpaper, brushes and finish so i could try to fix the mold damage to the bookshelves. I was trying to figure out where to get some newspaper to put down on the ground and had the bright idea of stopping by athe 7-11 which was half a block away. They did indeed have newspapers so i grabbed one of those and a mocha.

When i got home i dragged the two bookcases outside along with all the supplies and started sanding. And sanding. And sanding. I got _some_ of the mold off, but even after almost an hour at it there was still a lot embedded in the wood. I finally gave up because i wanted to have at least three or four hours for the finish to dry outside in the sun before i took the shelves back inside. So i put a layer of finish over pretty much the whole bottom three or four inches of both shelves.

Then i took a break to carry the old 27" CRT TV out to my car and drive the 1/10th of a block over to the Salvation Army and drop it off. The Salvation Army guy seemed impressed that i was able to lift the thing up to the truck by myself and claimed that a guy the same size as me had brought in a TV of the same size earlier in the day and hadn't been able to do it. Given how little exercise i get i suspect that Salvation Army person was incorrect about how large the other guy was, either that or his TV must somehow have been a lot heavier than mine.

When i got back i spent some time inside the apartment and sometimes outside on the steps keeping an eye on the shelves and occasionally checking how the finish was doing (and trying to remove various bits of stuff that had gotten stuck in it =P) Finally around 5:30 i figured they were dry enough (and the sun had set anyways) so i brought them back inside the apartment.

At 6:30 we went and met thumbie at Lazy Dog for dinner. She wasn't able to hang out much afterwards but it was nice being able to catch up on stuff over yummy food :)

I spent a lot of the evening reading a random Civ 4 succession game before crashing around 11 or midnight.

I got up early sunday to go by work for a few hours and try to deal with a stupid interop problem and stopped by 7-11 again to pick up some more newspapers (and of course a mocha =)

I got home around 12:30 and at 1 or 1:30 i dragged the bookshelves back outside again to apply the polycrylic coat which i'm hoping will do a better job of keeping mold out in the future. (And will also hopefully prevent any mold that survived the various treatments of detergent and bleach and varnish from getting enough water and air to start growing again.) This stuff actually dried pretty well in two hours so i was able to get two coats in before it got late enough for me to take them back inside. Unfortunately i did an even poorer job at the polycrylicing than i did at the sanding and finishing the day before. The finish didn't exactly go on smoothly, but it was even enough for me to not worry about it too much. The polycrylic was a lot thicker, and it had an unfortunate tendency to bubble up when it got squeezed out of the form brush. So i ended up with a lot of bumps and patches of stuff, and on top of that i tried to keep it from sitting directly on the newspaper but even so a couple spots on the back ended up with a layer of newspaper glued to it =P I tried to sand it off for a little bit but it didn't seem to have much effect, and finally i said screw it. It may not be pretty, but it will hopefully be functional, and the ugly parts will be near the bottom of the shelves and to the back.

Inbetween the coats and for a while after i was done i played a quick game of Civ 4: Beyond the Sword. Reading through the succession game had gotten me curious about all the new stuff. So i decided to try an easy game. A one city challenge on the easiest level, with the "open leaders" or whatever it's called option so i could use Huayna Capac (the Incan leader with Industrious/Financial) with the Dutch civilization (who have the cool Dike improvement.) I wanted to see if it would be possible to get every religion and every wonder myself. It was :) I also made a quick edit to the XML so i could build every national wonder in my one city. It turns out you can't have all the corporations in one city though, which made me kinda sad =P And i'm still not 100% clear on how the corporations work, except that apparently each of them is the rival of one or more others and won't let you found it in the same city. (Really? Detroit says hi.)

I wanted to let the bookshelves sit for awhile longer and make sure they were really dry before setting them up again, so i didn't actually do anything more with them last night. And tonight is Wumpskate so i may not set them back up again until sometime tomorrow, we'll see.

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