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In theory our new TV is supposed to show up tomorrow!

Oh yeah, did i mention we finally got around to ordering one over the weekend? :) We went with the Sony Bravia KDLEX500, the 40" 1080p 120hz model. After adding tax (but not shipping) and the discount it came out to $510 total, which seemed like the best combination/compromise of price, features and reviews we could get from the current market. I really ought to remember to not look at tv prices for the next six months or so so i don't stumble across the inevitable sale that would have been so much better :)

Also over the weekend i started up a game of Call to Power 2, and was reminded that as much as i love the changes they made to the Civilization formula, the UI definitely suffers from the age in which the game was written/published. I still recommend the game to people who like Civ but haven't played CtP2 yet, as long as they remember what games were like back then and can put up with it in the name of experimentation.
Tags: shopping, video games

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