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Wow, i haven't gone rollerblading a long time, and it shows =P I got tired at several points going along the Newport Beach path. It certainly didn't help that there are only three drinking fountains along that path as far as i know, and i forgot to stop at the first one. So by the time i got to the second one i was dying of thirst =P And despite the relatively short session i had the beginnings of blisters on my feet at the end =P Also, it might not have helped that when i actually started rollerblading i hadn't actually had anything to eat in over 12 hours :)

Since CardioTrainer has started having some really atrocious privacy issues with their app i've been refusing to update to the latest version and trying out alternatives. I tried running both CardioTrainer and Endomondo together this time.

CardioTrainer: Time: 1:12:33. Distance 9.18 miles. Speed 7.6 mph. Calories 412.

Endomondo: Time: 1:23:49. Distance 9.07 miles. Speed 5.94 mph. Calories 691.

The difference in time is because CardioTrainer automatically pauses when you stop moving. However i'm not entirely sure what the difference in calories is from. Part of it might be that Endomondo only has "Skating" as an option, not "Inline Skating" like CardioTrainer. It's kind of sad, because given an extreme difference i'm gonna tend to trust the lower run, but i really want something to replace CardioTrainer.

I wonder why people on the beach seem friendlier on average. One guy who was rollerblading by while i was resting on the bench near Where The Sidewalk Ends seemed to be gesturing that we ought to race or something, but i was still resting so i just smiled and shook my head, and a little later another guy who was biking by did the "high five" thing. I'm not really used to people noticing my existence at all in day to day life, and it doesn't help that training from jr. high and high school tends to make me think that if someone i don't know well suddenly starts acting friendly towards me it's probably because there's some kind of mocking going on that i don't understand yet =P
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