DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Stores are dumb

We went to three different stores today to look at TVs. Costco, Target, and Howards (a local appliance store.) Not a one of them knows anything about displaying tvs. Costco actually did the best of the lot. They had HD content that was some kind of demo loop, but i couldn't tell if it was playing off of DVD or what. They also grouped all TVs of the same kind together, all the 40" 120hz with all the other 40" 120hz for example, which made it hard to compare the differences between the kinds of displays except right at the edges of the groups. Target had totally crap displays. The only thing they were doing right was that they were showing sports. However even i could tell that it was some kind of crappy signal, i'm not sure if it wasn't actually HD or if there was something wrong with it, but _every_ set looked blurry and grainy. Howards had what looked like HD content, but they weren't doing DVD. They weren't even doing sports. They were doing the Cupcake Wars (or one of it's spin-offs) on the Food or Home network =P

If you're a store trying to convince people to buy expensive TVs i really don't understand why they don't have all of them displaying some kind of action packed BluRay =P If all the sets look the same because the content being shown is crappy, then people are just going to go with the cheapest set.

From the sets we saw we could see a _very_ slight difference between LCD and LED. We saw absolutely no difference between 60hz and 120hz. However i know that's supposed to be a relatively big difference when playing DVDs because of the 24hz display rate. Unfortunately my monitor is 60hz so i can't even compare videos online to see the difference and figure out if it's something we're likely to care about =P
Tags: shopping, tv

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