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Friday Fun Stuff Part 2

For the past couple weeks months i've been trying to catch up on the Stolen Pixels webcomic (by the same guy who does the Twenty Sided RPG blog and the epicly (literally) hilarious DM of the Rings, the webcomic in which the Lord of the Rings was not a set of books written by JRR Tolkein, but a D&D campaign being run for a pretty stereotypical group of gamers.)

Stolen Pixels can be pretty hit or miss, but this comic is most definitely a hit. It's based on the in heaven/in hell european stereotypes joke and transplants it to the world of video games perfectly.

And since the earlier post was (partially) about Civ, these comics about Civ5 are pretty good too. They make a lot of the same jokes about Civilization that people have always been making, but at least it does them competently.

Shamus concludes that "This game is so fun it offends me." Clearly a different sentiment than the one Sulla arrived at. Well, except perhaps for the "offended" part :) But one of those two people is one of the best Civ players in the world (i have no idea if the group "best" contains tens or hundreds or thousands of members, but regardless it's far above what i or most other "normal" players will ever reach) and the other is, well, one of those other "normal" players. A lot of newer and more casual players will love the changes they've made to the game. The amount of time it will take for you to notice the "flaws" in the new game, and how big of a problem you consider those flaws, will probably depend on how "hard core" of a Civilization player you are. I first became seriously aware of them in the succession game in which some CivFanatics players completely dismantled the AIs in a Diety level game within a month of the game's release, something that would have been impossible for them to accomplish in a similar time frame with Civ4. Even so i got in about 200 hours of play (according to Steam) before suddenly stopping in the middle of a game and saying "i don't think i can take any more of this." It's kind of hard to argue that that makes it any kind of failure except in the comparison to the previous games in the series. And even that burn out probably isn't permanent. I'm sure i'll get back to Civilization 5 sooner or later, though i may very well end up playing some Civilization 4 or even some Call to Power 2 before that day arrives.

And on a total side note, i'm very amused to note that Semagic's dictionary thinks the best correction for my spelling of "premenant" is "premenstrual", with "permanent" showing up nowhere in the list :) know, i started this post fully intending to copy/paste some links to a comic or two and be done with it. What happened? :)
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