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Friday fun stuff

I actually have some fun stuff to post for once!

First and least, The Spoony Experiment, which has a lot of video reviews of various movies and games.

Second, the Realms Beyond Pitboss #2 Civilization IV multiplayer game. There's another one called the Apolyton Demogame on the multiplayer Civ4 page, both games feature them getting screwed over at the beginning and trying to dig their way out, in RBP2 it's politics that screw them over and in the Demogame it's a bad starting position. And Sulla's site also has a fair bit of stuff about Civ 5, Civ 3, Final Fantasy, and a few other things. This one is kind of a hard sell, because i wouldn't be surprised if anyone else who's actually into Civ enough to be interested in multiplayer game recaps already knew about them, but _i_ hadn't heard of it before and really liked it. It's actually making me want to start up Civ again, except i'm not sure if i'd rather go back to Civ5 or Civ4 :)

And finally, last and best, Chrontendo, a series of videos going through the entire history of Famicom/NES games in chronological order. Each episode covers about 15 games, with video of each game in action and lots of trivia about the games. They're really fun and interesting if you grew up with the NES and have an interest in history.
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