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Shopping is hard, let's do math!

I think i've mentioned once or twice or a dozen times before that we're interested in getting a new TV. Preferably a 40ish" LCD one (1080p of course =) but we keep putting it off because we keep thinking they're going to get cheaper, and they have, a little, i think. Maybe.

Currently i'm pondering it again because both Amazon and Sony want to sell me a TV. Amazon's gold box deal of the day is a 42" Vizio "SV421XVT" for $600 (37% off) and meanwhile Sony is advertising 15% off for a number of TVs, including a 40" Bravia "EX500" for $575. Consumer reports recommends the Bravia one and something very similar to the Vizio one ("SV422XVT" is what they have listed, and i can't figure out what the difference between the two is.) The Vizio is slightly bigger of course, but i also have about $110 worth of points with Sony that i could apply to the Bravia, making it about $465. (In theory i could spend those points on other things of course, but the selection on the Sony Rewards site isn't _that_ great.)

On the other hand my limited experience with Sony devices has been that they're fancy machines which tend to break easily =P One would think that Consumer Reports would take things like that into account when they do their ratings though. Anyone happen to know if Sony TVs are generally more long-lasting than their other consumer electronics?

(I'm still interested in LED lighting, which neither of those TVs are, but Consumer Reports doesn't seem to think they give enough bang for the buck to be worth it. They _do_ say that i'd save anywhere from $10 to $20 a year in electricity costs ("on average") but even so i'd have to continue using the same TV for at _least_ a decade to make the jump in price worthwhile.)

Of course the real question is is this the right time to be getting a TV? Apparently these are all "big game" sales designed to convince people to plunk down a lot of money before the superbowl. Since i can watch the commercials just fine on the tv i've got now, i'm more concerned about if the prices will actually go back up after the superbowl (when is that anyways?) or if they'll stay the same or even go lower once demand goes down. I don't suppose there are any sites that track consumer electronic prices over time the same way "FareCast" tracks airline prices over time? :)
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