DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Weekend stuff

We watched "Red" this weekend, which given the opening DC thing is apparently based off of some kind of comic. It turned out much better than i expected from a generic action movie, so perhaps that's why :)

We also went to see "Black Swan." It was good, but also creepy, disturbing and scary. It's kind of unfortunate that they went for as many jump out and scare your moments as they did since they did so well at the subtle creepy scary parts. Unfortunate for me anyways :)

Other than that, we got the carpet cleaned saturday, then we went to Best Buy to get some CD folders. Then i spent an hour or so trying to clean mold off the bottom of the bookcases. Then i spent (over the next day and a half) hours and hours and hours organizing DVDs and video games, putting some of those DVDs and video games into the CD folders, disassembling the cases to get all the interesting bits out, and (somewhat) carefully folding the covers up so they'd lie somewhat flat. I've gotten through... 150 so far? 200? Enough to fill up three kitchen-sized trash bags with empty cases at least. In any case though (er, so to speak) i'm gonna need to figure out what to do with all the covers and liner notes and instruction manuals. I've already got a stack at least a foot high, so there's no way they're gonna fit in the folders with the disks themselves. I guess i need one or more shoe boxes or something?

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