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I had an awesome game of Dominion tonight. Actually, three awesome games, but the last one was much more awesomer than the others :)

Our gaming group just got the Prosperity expansion, which shelleycat and i were already familiar with from playing online, but the other two hadn't tried yet. So the first two games we did were the suggested setups. Then for the third and fourth game we mixed it up a little. For The last one we had (among other cards of course) the Mint, Chapel, Royal Seal, Kings Court, and, er, the one that costs 6, gives you +1 card, +1 action, +1 buy and +1 coin, which you can't buy using coppers.

After adding the Mint i mentioned the strategy i'd tried once before of buying the Mint the first round and dropping myself down to 2 copper. They thought that sounded like a bad idea, but although it failed the one time i tried it before i wasn't convinced that it was universally a bad idea, so i said that if i could start with a 5/2 split i'd be willing to try it again. So we decided that everyone could choose what their initial split was. So i got the Mint my first turn, trashing 5 coppers, then a chapel my second turn, and on my third turn i was able to Chapel two estates and buy a third copper. Unfortunately i didn't get lucky the next turn and didn't get all three coppers in my hand at once. The next turn i was actually able to get a silver.

I don't remember the exact chronology after that, but i actually ended up getting a second silver, and when i got 6 after that i actually decided to go for a Royal Seal rather than a gold, which at least with the hands i got turned out to be the right idea i think. I trashed the rest of my estates and coppers, and got a gold, then one of the 6 cost cards, a King's Court, and a Platinum, at which point things really took off. I eventually managed to chapel all three silvers i'd acquired and my one gold. On my two best turns i got 32 coins and then 44 coins. After that i had 5 colonies so i began to suffer from bloat a little :) I ended up with 73 points at the end, which wasn't quite as good as the 77 points i got in the previous game, but the margin of victory was a lot larger for the last one :)

So that's certainly a strategy i'd be willing to try again if i ever got the chance, but i'm not sure how well it would have worked if i hadn't had either the Chapel or the Royal Seal.
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