DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Weekend stuff

We paid for a maid to come in and do a "minor" spring cleaning saturday (ie get everything cleaned, but not reorganized like you can apparently get if you're willing to spend a fair bit more) so we have a very clean apartment again. We celebrated after the cleaning was done by... leaving and going to the mall :) Mainly cause we wanted to go get lunch at Islands. When we got back we sat around and watched a whole bunch of anime.

So now we're done with all of Ouran High School Host Club (no more Ouran! *cries*) and the first season of Full Metal Alchemist.

Also we got through several movies. The second Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie, Salt, Terminator: Salvation, Serenity, and possibly one or two more that i'm forgetting about. Of course during half of those i was playing Recettear at the same time :)
Tags: anime, movies, video games

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