DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Random stuff

We went to dinner at the cheap itallian place last night and had yummy food, then came home and played a game of Kingsburg on Brettspielwelt, then watched a whole bunch of new AMVs, then i spent a little time playing Recettear before going to bed. Overall i'd say that makes a pretty good day :)

Today i finally got the Rock Band 2 guitar i ordered from Amazon. I thought the keyboard was kinda meh, and karaoke is okay for the few songs i know and am capable of singing. Having a guitar makes Rock Band 3 awesome :) Went through a lot of Jonathan Coulton songs, some Lady Gaga, a Rush song, a Ramones song, a few other random things, and 5-starred Frezzepop's "Less Talk More Rokk" on medium on my first try :) After that i went to the wednesday food truck event (unfortunately by myself since shelleycat was tired) and ate lots of yummy food. Although someone check me on this, i had a vague impression that matza balls are some kind of jewish cuisine, right? Which makes Great Balls on Tires' bacon wrapped matza balls amusing :) I could play some more Rock Band 3 now, but shelleycat is asleep so perhaps i should go back to Recettear instead.

In other random news, i was behind a car at the intersection near work that had a ton of stickers on the back. One of them was a Rebel Alliance sticker, and another was a Rush sticker :)

In other other random news, we went to breakfast with some friends of shelleycat's friday morning last week, which meant getting up around 7. When i got out to my car it actually had ice on the windshield :) When i started the car it also lit up an indicator i hadn't noticed before, one of a segment of road with a snowflake on top of it. I wonder if it was just checking the temperature outside or if it actually has some way of detecting ice on the roadway or some other test altogether?
Tags: anime, random, video games

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