DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Quick question for people who play Rock Band

I got Rock Band 3 for Atheist Kids Get Presents Day, and i'm trying to figure out which controllers to get.

I'm definitely getting the RB3 keyboard controller. It's the new thing after all, and shelleycat is especially interested in it. I'm definitely getting a mike, but i don't think it really matters what kind of mike i get, since there's not really a lot of craftsmanship that goes into it :) I'm definitely not getting drums, at least not for the moment. It would be annoying to try and set them up given the amount of space we have (or rather don't have) in the living room, and neither of us are fanatic about drums anyways.

So the real question is what to do for the guitar? I'm not going to get a pro guitar, or at least i'm not going to get the halfway attempt. If i'm going to do it at all i'm going to get the one with actual strings. (And yes, i realize that means i'll have to develop calluses, or use a pick (heathen!) or some kind of gloves (abomination!))

But in the meantime i need a good old "regular" guitar. I've got one from Guitar Hero and one from GH2, both the PS2 version, so that's clearly not going to work.

Amazon lists a "Playstation 3 Rock Band Wireless Guitar by MTV Games" for $28, but when i go to the actual page it says the manufacturer is "Power A." As far as i knew all the official instruments for RB3 are by MadCatz, though finding information about that is kind of hard, so i'm somewhat dubious of the quality. Amazon does have a Rock Band 2 guitar that actually says its by MTV when i open the page, but it costs $120 =P

GameStop _does_ have a MadCatz RB3 guitar for $60 (on their website at least) but they don't have any Rock Band 2 controllers (not for the PS3 anyways)

So does anyone know what the "best" guitar controller for Rock Band is? Is it worth saving about $30 on the Power A controller or is it likely to be a piece of crap? Are the RB3 guitars better than the RB2 ones? Or vice versa?
Tags: music, video games

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