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Things that don't work

I love the Android news widget on my Nexus One. I'm probably much more aware of world events than i have been since i stopped visiting Yahoo News way back when. However whoever it is that does that app needs to work on the refresh. (I believe some other company actually offers the news since there was some deal with them getting DDoSed awhile back, but i don't know if they wrote the widget or Google did. Which brings up another complaint, finding out details of things you've already got installed is damn difficult =P)

The widget decides to refresh on some arcane cycle. Most particularly, it never seems to update on its own, rather once the stale date is reached the next time you open it it will immediately try to refresh. This isn't really a problem except that the refresh process seems to be as follows:

1: Clear out all the old new
2: Try to contact the server
3: Display the new news

However if things fall apart in step two then you end up staring at a blank screen with a "unable to connect" message. It's bad enough that it will sometimes fail to connect when there's a strong signal (cf the DDoS case above) but of course there are also times where you've got no signal at all. On many more than one occasion i've been stuck somewhere with nothing to do and pulled out my phone to check the news, only to find that the automatic refresh has been triggered and there's no signal (or some other kind of connection problem.) Was figuring out that the new news ought to be loaded before the old cache is thrown out really that hard for them? =P

And now to complain about something entirely different, there are many good things i like about the default save/load file(s) dialog in Windows. (Well, i don't like what they've done with the interface for the dialog in Win7, but that's entirely a different issue) however i have two somewhat related issues with it.

First, it defaults to My Documents, while 90% of the time the locations i want to be saving to/loading from are on C:\. Second of all, far too many programs completely forget about what location you just saved to/loaded from, even from within the same session! This is especially annoying when using _Microsoft_ products. I just had to save four files out of Microsoft SQL Studio, and for each of them i had to jump up to C:\ from My Documents and then dig back down to the (same) location that i wanted to save them in. Firefox manages to remember where i last saved something, why can't Microsoft do it right?

I'm hoping the first of those issues can be fixed with a little registry tweaking. In fact i'm going to go look into that right now :)
Tags: programming

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