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Oh dear gods what have i done now? =P

I've been hearing about the iPhone game "Game Dev Story" on various podcasts for several weeks now, and wishing for them to port it to Android the whole time, because it sounded like something right up my alley.

So of course when i saw that it had actually shown up in the Android app store last night i just had to pick it up, despite the $5 price tag. Unfortunately it was about 2 am when i discovered this, and of course after downloading it i had to try it out. I think i fell asleep for a little while at some point, but i know i was still awake at least until 6, and i know i was awake again by 9. It's definitely the case as another review noted that after surviving the initial trials, if you figure out the training/leveling system and take proper advantage of it then after not too long you end up with too much money and talent to really fail. Of course that problem has never bothered me in many of the other games i play (Disgaea comes particularly to mind.) It's always fun to see exactly how big you can make your unstoppable juggernaut :)

I'm not sure what the natural stopping point will be for me, or how long it will take me to get there. I'm currently on year 12 of a theoretical 20 year time limit, but like that other great time suck Civ, it apparently will let you keep going even after the game is officially over.
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