DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Food trucks

Dude, there are _ten_ trucks here at OC DinDinAGoGo tonight, and i'm all by myself because everyone else is busy or not feeling well =P Unfortunately there are actually supposed to be eleven trucks here. The Tasty Meat truck, the elusive truck that makes the _best_ covered fries, tweeted five hours ago that they were going to be here, but it's 30 minutes after the official start time and there's no sign of them :( I wonder how long i should wait before giving up on them and going to the Lime Truck instead and getting the second best covered fries?

Edit: They finally showed up around 7 and were ready a little later, almost two hours after the event started. I got my Iron Box fries and a grilled cheese pita, yum :)

I also got into a discussion with the people behind me in line (i was first =) about the new plans for the Bella Terra mall. Apparently they're going to be putting a Costco in there, which is strange. They're also going to be putting in an apartment complex, which is possibly stranger. I sure hope they're also going to put in some more parking structures, because it already kind of sucks there, and of course traffic at that intersection (the one i use to get home from work) will probably get even worse than it already is =P

Oh yeah, and they also mentioned that tomorrow at 10:30 am they're going to be demolishing the really old building currently occupying the space they're going to be developing. Too bad i can't go watch =/

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