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The internets haz failed me! Save me internets!

Somehow OK Go managed to release two new awesome music videos in the past six months without me seeing either of them! =P If anyone posted to LJ or anything about it i totally missed it :( Instead, jmpava sent me a link to something on Topless Robot, which didn't actually have anything about OK Go (not lately anyways) but it did get me started thinking about geeky blogs, and i remembered that i hadn't checked out Shamus Young's Twenty Sided blog in forever. In fact it seems to have gotten revamped since the last time i read it unless i'm misremembering the layout.

And _that_ blog had a post about this awesome video ("OK Go - White Knuckles") and had another link pointing to another awesome video ("OK Go - End Love") The first one is especially amazing because of their amazing co-stars (catbird and her SO really ought to check it out =) and for the second one i'm really curious about some of the details of filming. (Details which i'm sure are available, i just haven't searched for them yet.)

And as long as i'm posting videos of cool things, how about this teaser-trailer for HBO's adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones? Or this longer trailer? Or this eleven minute long mini-documentary/trailer? :) The links are mostly courtesy of Topless Robot (just to bring things full circle =)

When i started this post i was kind of regretting that i don't know how to do the embedded youtube videos in posts, but given the number of links i ended up including that's probably all for the best :)

ZOMG! I just made a friday fun post! Huzzah!!
Tags: geeky, music, shows, tv

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