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I was actually going to try and be productive last night, i swear. However when i got home the internet seemed to be down. I tried rebooting the cable modem and router to no avail, but we've had that problem before and it always seemed to clear up a little later so i didn't worry about it too much.

However when i tried again an hour later and again awhile after that and it was still down i began to get concerned. Then i had the "brilliant" idea of checking with my phone, and it seemed to be able to access the internet over wireless just fine. Then i checked shelleycat's computer it was able to access the internet too.

Rebooting the computer didn't change anything, and none of the Win7 diagnostic thingies were able to figure out any problems with the computer or anything else. I tried switching ethernet ports, but that didn't make a difference. It doesn't seem like it can be a hardware problem though because i noticed that every time i rebooted the modem and router i was able to refresh a single webpage and get about half a response before it totally shut down. The network properties dialog said that about 30-50k was getting through each time i reset things before it went dead.

Despite that i will try switching cables tonight and/or plugging directly into the cable modem. I'm not sure what to do if that fixes the problem. Switch back to the old router maybe? I'm even less sure what to do if that doesn't fix the problem however.

In other bad karma news, my phone seemed to be having issues yesterday. Everything was slow and jittery, and the battery was getting drained like there was no tomorrow. I guess some process had gone haywire in the background and was sucking up CPU and power? At least in that case rebooting seems to have fixed the issue.

Then while having a snack in the evening i managed to do something weird to my jaw which seemed to involve a louder than usual click/pop and then a moderate amount of pain in that joint, such that i had to stop snacking for awhile because trying to chew hurt. It's still a little sore today. Technically i think those symptoms would be consistent with dislocating a joint, but i'm pretty sure that if i'd done _that_ it would have hurt a hell of a lot more, so i'm not sure what exactly i did. Maybe i strained a muscle somehow? That's a weird place to do it though.

Well at least it's certainly a good week to get a lot of bad karma out of the way early =P
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