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Yesterday's Amazon deal of the day was the video game "Enslaved" for $25. I seriously thought about getting it since almost every review i've heard about it so far said pretty much that the story and graphics are awesome and people will probably like it as long as they go into knowing that the combat and platforming elements are "for babies" :) Unfortunately i fell asleep last night right after dinner and thus never actually got around to deciding if i wanted to order it or not =P

However when i checked back again today just to see what had replaced the old deal i found that today's deal is the "complete" Red Dwarf series for $60. (Complete except for the new episodes they did last year.) If there's anyone who likes Red Dwarf but doesn't own it yet you might want to go check out Amazon if you see this in the next... two hours and fifteen minutes? When does the daily deal expire? Midnight?

And purely by coincidence we happened to stop by a persian supermarket tonight so shelleycat could get some slices cake. They also had a hot food bar with all kinds of middle eastern and asian cuisine, including... chicken vindaloo! I don't think i'd ever actually seen it in person before :)

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